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Walter's Wish

A Tribute to Our Cats and Dogs with Special Needs

Our Mascot, Walter

Walter came to us already an old dog. With gray in his whiskers and a very weak heart. He was diagnosed with untreatable heartworm. His condition and age left little hope for a 'forever' home. He lived out his final days in the shelters classroom, greeting guests and volunteers with the spirit of a puppy and an undying love for everyone. We gave him a birthday party in March, he left us for doggy heaven July 5, 2002. We honor his life with this tribute.

Walter's Birthday, March 10, 2002
Walter's Birthday
March 10, 2002
Some animals have come to us suffering from medical problems with no where else to go. These problems can range from minor to very extreme, such as malnutrition, mange, physical wounds to cancer. It can take months to turn these special ones into loving, healthy, adoptable pets. Our expenses are numerous in caring for the health, nurturing and well-being of these abandoned special needs animals. You can help by donating to Walter's Wish. These funds are reserved for the emergencies that arise for our very special needs victims.